Loving Bamboo

Dave and I are having a hard time walking around our hilly property these days. We have a bamboo deck from our bamboo groves, but I was starting to get stir crazy as our property is still fairly raw and it is muddy to walk around during the long rainy season. Our little deck started to feel confining. I came up with the idea to make a bamboo jungle walk along our hillside so we could take our walks but not get muddy or slip and fall on the little hills.

This is the result of harvesting 6 bamboo groves which dearly needed to be thinned.

Buying local palawan products

Buying products that are made locally by artisans, artists and entrepreneurs are very sustainable things to do. I made a video recently to feature some of the products I buy that are made locally.

Here I review my favorite local herbal remedies that I swear by and use almost daily. Also some truly delicious and unique hot sauces and condiments and certified wild civet coffee.

Expanded bamboo deck

Just a short post to show off the new expanded deck. Originally it was only around 6X8 feet, and when the bamboo flooring rotted, since it was open and exposed to the weather, I had our carpenter make it a little bigger, and now I feel it's just the right size. I also had it covered. For expediency, since the rainy season was upon us and it was getting hosed everyday, I had them use bamboo poles and a tarp to cover and protect it so it would not rot as before.
The new deck can now fit outdoor living room furniture, which I am happy to find out, is made right here in Puerto Princesa! The furniture is of synthetic wicker which we found out holds up much better in a forest than natural, since too many bugs eat up the natural stuff!!

Drone shots of forest home

If you click the link it will take you to a page with drone and OSMO 360 shots of our home. It will also have links to see the insides of the rooms we have done or slapped together as we went along as as the need arose. It shows all the rooms in our place. I need help redecorating. I find I'm out of steam these day for such activities. Always have painted houses myself but these days I'm inviting friends to come stay and decorate it up and I'll buy the supplies!!

It is truly wonderful to live here in Palawan, even with the ups and downs.

Here are some recent pictures, the overview of where we are doing our best to be as sustainable as possible. You can see why we want to do so when you see the vast green trees surrounding us. Mangroves dot the shores of Turtle bay giving sanctuary to countless sea life.

We are still chugging right along doing what we can in our daily life to leave as small a footprint as we can. We always bring ec…

First Solar lit-banka-boat in Palawan

Dave and his trusted and skilled assistant Jhun, decided to make a solar lit native fishing boat, or banca as they are called here, to give livelihood to an experienced fisherman who needed a boat to go out on. Traditional bancas use diesel run generators for their lights which are used to attract fish at night. The generators are noisy and also put out noxious emissions. Solar lights do not put out any fumes and the battery that runs them is silent! It is currently parked at Mangingisda pier, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It went out for the first time on a tuna run and came back with a decent haul of yellow fin tuna.

Diesel fueled generator lights only run for 3 hours and then they have to replace the refuel. The fumes from diesel powered lights are bad for the environment and the fishermen. Our solar lights are so efficient that the captain has been running them all night. The light allows the children to swim next to the boat and cool off during these hot nights of summer. Our so…

More bamboo projects

Since we have our own bamboo groves. Most of the objects we need for our home are made with it.

Here are a few of the things we have built for our home. To read more, visit my blog about the way were are trying to live as sustainably as possible.

Harvesting Sugarcane for Juice for Tubo Delight

Part of our property is planted in sugarcane this year. Tubo Delight, a company that sells sugarcane or tubo juice at the local Robinson's mall helped us plant it, and this is our first harvest. Our juice will soon be at their booth at the mall. It's so sweet, plus it's a very healthy drink.

We used to pay people to clear this part of the land as it was always overgrown with weeds. The canes to plant came from this company and now it's being harvested and making money back instead of laying fallow and going to the weeds!  We have a little less than 1 hectare planted in sugarcane. If you have some land you don't know what to do with, go to Tubo Delight Facebook page and send them a message. They are always looking for more planters or sellers of sugarcane. The stalks need to be at least 1 1/2 inches in circumference

I like to use the sugar cane as BBQ sticks. They don't burn up like the bamboo sticks and when the juice caramelizes, it gives the food on it a gr…