Saturday, June 28, 2014

Electric school trike

Our daughter is going to the local elementary school up the road from us this year, and now we get to have her taken to school in Dave's electric trike. It fits her school mates and even room to pick up a few other students along the way. The school is only 5 minutes away, or about 2.8 kms., but the trike makes 3 round trips a day. One in the morning to bring her to school, then get her for lunch, bring her back to school, then go get her from school, and back home again! It has nice shocks for rougher roads, but we are lucky to have the road we ply be totally cemented.

No noise or gas emissions for us! It's a good experience for the village kids too. It might open their minds for the future. After all, the children now are the adults of the future and we hope they can become responsible and eco aware citizens. It's all old hat to Alysha right now, because Dave has been driving her around in electric motorbikes since she was an infant. I imagine someday, she will realize how rarefied her school ride was!
et4-Etrike Now a school transportation vehicle.
This prototype was completely assembled and made in Puerto Princesa by a local body shop run by William Russel. He co designed the body with hubby Dave, based on Dave's passenger load and road conditions here in Puerto Princesa. Dave designed the electrical system and all that other mechanical stuff that makes for a smooth ride.

Here is a video of Dave driving the etrike along the Puerto Princesa north highway heading to Honda Bay. There's a lot more traffic these days in town though. Select HD for a clearer picture.