Sunday, September 30, 2012

VCO Magic Shell Ice Cream topping DIY

In a previous post, I showed how we made our own Virgin Coconut oil - VCO.  Since then I have discovered a couple of really cool and yummy recipes for making your own Magic Shell ice cream topping and chocolate candy as well!

We use raw cacao, roasted and from local farms. It has been pressed into tablet form and we use a nutmeg grater pulverize it finely. You can use cocoa powder. Cacao or pure cocoa is one of the best anti-oxidents on the planet, so it's also a sneaky way to get something really healthy into my daughter and hubby, who are both fussy eaters.

For the chocolate Magic Shell ice cream topping you only need 3 basic ingredients, but you can also add anything else you want in the topping like chopped nuts, dried berries or candy sprinkles. Basically whatever you like to put on ice cream! Plus you can double up the recipe if you have a lot of people eating ice cream.

It's a really fun project for kids and VCO is one of the healthiest things you can feed kids, virgin coconut oil has over 160 health benefits.


1/2 cup VCO
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder or more if you like it more bitter or more chocolaty

Raw sugar to taste

Tiny pinch of salt (optional) but adds flavor

You can warm the VCO just above room temperature, then remove, melt the raw sugar and throw in a pinch of salt. Mix together till everything is melted and then pour over ice cream....IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!

STEP 1: Pour VCO into any container.

STEP 2: Add cocoa powder to the VCO.  We are fortunate that nearby, there is a lady who makes pure roasted cacao bean and forms them into tablets, called Tablea. We grate them very fine with a nutmeg grater over the virgin coconut oil.  The coconut oil in the smaller bottle is solid, because we had it in my air conditioned room, but the VCO we used for the base of the Magic Shell was liquid.

STEP 3:  Add sugar to the VCO and cocoa power. Mix till disolved.
When you have the cocoa, vco, sugar and salt mixed may then add the chopped nuts, berries or anything else you want to the magic shell mix.
I added chopped walnuts to my Magic chocolate shell mixture. Pour the mixture over ice cream and in less than a minute it forms a crunchy chocolate shell over the ice cream!

A happy magic shell ice cream topping tester!!


Follow the exact same instructions above. Make as thick or thin as you want your chocolate bars to be. Place in freezer for a few minutes!! Instant chocolate candy which is actually good for you!!!

I learned how to make this candy compliments of my dear friend Daniw over at Bahay Kalipay in Puerto Princesa,  In the foreground is my ravaged chocolate bar. Before I could take a photo of the whole bar, the kids came and pillaged it while I was getting a new battery for my camera!!  In this bar I added chopped walnut and chopped dried cranberries!
Here is a lady selling e-books with over 80 raw chocolate and healthy recipes. I think I will order them.

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