Drone shots of forest home

If you click the link it will take you to a page with drone and OSMO 360 shots of our home. It will also have links to see the insides of the rooms we have done or slapped together as we went along as as the need arose. It shows all the rooms in our place. I need help redecorating. I find I'm out of steam these day for such activities. Always have painted houses myself but these days I'm inviting friends to come stay and decorate it up and I'll buy the supplies!!

It is truly wonderful to live here in Palawan, even with the ups and downs.

The photo is only a still grab screenshot of the page with 360 drone and OSMO land camera 260. Click the link above to see in full 360.

Here are some recent pictures, the overview of where we are doing our best to be as sustainable as possible. You can see why we want to do so when you see the vast green trees surrounding us. Mangroves dot the shores of Turtle bay giving sanctuary to countless sea life.

A birds eye view of our "back yard" as it were. You can see why we want to keep our place and the area as natural as we can. That bay upper left of photo, is called Turtle bay and it is a natural marine sanctuary and nursery for all variety of sea life.

The little group of buildings on the right of center; red and tin roofs, are our buildings. Consisting of a cook shack, with upstairs apartment, a workshop/storeroom and our bedroom cottage, with the red roof.  In the far left distance you can see our stomping grounds, Turtle bay. I feel so lucky to be living here.

Asian small clawed otters live on the shores of the rivers and mangroves. They are slowly being displaced by immigrant fisherfolk, poachers and those to take them to be pets. They are nocturnal which is why most people never see them. Only us residents from time to time get to see or hear them at dusk.
Rescued asian small clawed otters.
We are still chugging right along doing what we can in our daily life to leave as small a footprint as we can. We always bring eco bags to the grocery, we carry our own water in reusable canisters, we recycle many plastics and cans etc.

Life in Palawan has its ups and downs, but I would not live anywhere else.

Good luck in your own efforts to give back to Mother Earth.