Binhi Mindful Market at Rurungan Compound

Binhi Mindful sustainable market
It's nice to have Binhi Mindful Market around. They opened in 2018 and have popped up at Canvas hotel, all the way up to El Nido with a collection of local farmers, artists, cheesemakers, bakeries, and craftspeople, live potted, and bundled herbs and produce, etc They help people like me make product and food choices that are sustainable while helping all the local vendors.

Lately in Puerto Princesa, they have teamed up with Rurungan Sunday Market at their compound off Abanico road. They also had a sustainable market every first Sunday of each month.

Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation formed in 1999 as a livelihood project for local community weavers to continue the traditional way of making pineapple fiber cloth. They weave the cloth called tepiña on-premise on native wooden looms to make beautiful fine shawls and other clothing items. The founder, Czarina Lim, raised her children among them, and now that they are grown up, have taken the concept of a sustainable crafts a few steps further by bringing all types of local and sustainable products to their compound, along with the besutifully woven Rurungan tepiña cloth wares.

Rosal, Czarina and Ernie Lim
Their father Ernie Lim was a dad who went to market by 5 AM daily to feed his kids with the freshest fish and vegetables. He would then concoct a delicious array of meals for them. For the kids, Ernesto, Amihan, Rambie, Rosal, Pablo, it was always a daily adventure to see what dishes Tatay (dad) would create. He came up with bread incorporating sweet potatoes or kamote among other things. The texture is so pleasantly crunchy on the top but still moist inside when toasted. Well anyway, Ermie imbued them with a love of fresh food and, mom Czarina, a love for sustainable crafts, natural products and art.  On the same compound as the weavers, two of the siblings, Rosal and Pablo opened up a restaurant called Kusina ni Tito Ernie, or Uncle Ernie's Kitchen in English, with Ernie himself baking the bread when Pablo is busy at the restaurant, although he also bakes.

With a lot of space on the compound, it looks like they decided to collaborate with Binhi Mindful market sustainable vendors. Now it seems the two siblings, Rosal and Pablo Lim, can concentrate on running their own enterprises while Binhi Mindful Market folks gather up the vendors which they are very good at and were doing anyway at other spaces. It is very nice to see people working for the same goals to help the planet, cooperate and not compete. I hope more people find out about it and switch to sustainable and local products and produce as much as they can.

It is a very relaxing space situated beneath the tall trees.

Local honey and artisan beauty products

Healthy option baked sweets.

Bamboo toothbrushes and straws at one table along with natural bristled scrubbers

Natural woven eco-bags, hats, purses, etc.

Local organic produce.

If you have a product you would like to see at the Mindful Market you can contact the folks at Binhi.

A conscious and mindful marketplace that promotes an all-natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Call 0915 114 4809


Or message them on their Facebook page