Island Guacamole Dip

 Diana's Super Yummy Island Avocado/Mango Guacamolé Dip

Good for taco chips or added on top of tacos, it might even be nice on a nice fresh fried fish! I know it sounds strange when you get to the ingredients, but it works!

Very flavorful, refreshing and full of zest. My family loves this! I just made it up yesterday since I had all of the fresh ingredients already chilled in the fridge and was able to serve it right away.

If your ingredients aren't chilled first..then place in the fridge until nice and cool, then serve. It can be made ahead of time, as the acid in the lemon and orange keep the avocado from turning black.

This is what it looks like when the Island avocado-mango guacamole dip is finished.
You will need the following ingredients

2 medium Avocados- scored after cut in half then gently spooned out

1 small Jicama or Sinkamas - julienned or diced 

1/2 med shallot, white or sweet green onions- finely diced

1/2 cup white labanos radish - grated or fined diced (red radish) will do
am thinking a grated green mango would work instead of the radish too)

2 cloves garlic (add more to taste) - minced finely

2 small tomatoes finely diced

Juice of half a lemon
Juice of just less than half a fresh orange

1 ripe mango - score skin when halved into small dices, then spoon out

1/4 cups finely chopped cilantro (can be Indian Cilantro or mexican)
dash of powdered Cayanne Pepper to taste (finely chopped fresh if you really like it hot)

Salt to taste

Avocado, mango, radish, onions, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, white radish, and onions are mixed with the combination of fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice with salt and a dash of powdered cayenne pepper. If I had a lime, I might have used that instead of lemon, but I used what I had. If you are adventurous, then switch things to your own taste.

My husband is not a vegetable person. So I actually mashed the avocados and mangoes a bit more to disguise the chunks.

Also, if the mixture is too watery for you,  then you can also mash up the mix with a potato masher. The Avocado and mango will then merge more. The radish is diced gives the dip a little crunch, body and a refreshing zest to the whole mixture.

It's now one of my favorite snacks.