More bamboo projects

Since we have our own bamboo groves. Most of the objects we need for our home are made with it.

Here are a few of the things we have built for our home. To read more, visit my blog about the way were are trying to live as sustainably as possible.

I have a lot of bling which I kept in plastic boxes and it was so hard to find anything. I had these bamboo jewelry trees made out of the scrap bamboo we had from building the deck.

I shopped around for kitchen cupboards and every time I tried to buy from a local hardware store, they were out of stock. I got tired of waiting around so I had the carpenters build them for me from bamboo. They turned out just great!

For the bathroom towel racks, I had them make these as well. The stainless steel racks were pretty expensive since everything has to be imported then shipped to the island.

Bamboo dish rack is holding up quite well!
To the left of my hubby's deck is a broom closet made of bamboo as well as the floor deck and railings.