Bamboo creations from scraps

When we built our jungle walk there were a lot of bamboo scraps. I had my guys save them to be used to make other things from them rather than throw them out. It is mostly bamboo, but we also have a lot of coconut trees and harvest them to make coconut milk from the meat, the husks are then upcycled into pots for my hanging vegetable garden on the jungle walk.

This is a dual-purpose item. It is a bamboo lamp and a flower vase. Since we get a lot of electrical brownouts, I use a "Sunlight" solar or USB rechargeable lamp from Biolite. It is hung so that we can take it down to recharge. The light can be white for clear lighting for dinner or can cycle through many colors for mood lighting.

Here is the Biolite "Sunlight" lamp in the clear mode which can be made brighter or dimmer. The metal lampshade was found in the trash and then painted over and used in this piece.

Here is another bamboo lamp Julius made which can hold floating flowers or nuts. It is also lit with a Biolite rechargeable product called "Sunlight". It can be charged in the sun or by USB.

More bamboo trash scraps made into a backing for my upstairs guest commode.

This is our new bamboo framed water pump housing. The old wood back painted with an otter, and the front opens to place cleaning mops and such out of sight. It is from a piece of scrap tarp that Julius, my in house artist, painted over with a butterfly

More bamboo scraps made into a lovely hanging vase.

Bamboo scraps made into a dishrack for the kitchen
We have our own coconut trees and are big fans of curried dishes that use coconut milk. After we remove the coconut meat the husks are then upcycled into planters for my hanging vegetable garden on the jungle deck.