Bamboo jungle walk

Dave and I are having a hard time walking around our hilly property these days. We have a bamboo deck from our bamboo groves, but I was starting to get stir crazy as our property is still fairly raw and it is muddy to walk around during the long rainy season. Our little deck started to feel confining. I came up with the idea to make a bamboo jungle walk along our hillside so we could take our walks but not get muddy or slip and fall on the little hills.

This is the result of harvesting 6 bamboo groves which dearly needed to be thinned.

Our existing deck with jungle walk directly off
of it for easy access.

Ultimate recycling. Coconut husk with our vegetable
seedlings. We first harvested the coconut meat for its milk.
The husks are then upcycled into growing pots.

This is the way to the new deck off the jungle walk.

The jungle walk going back to the house.
The flowers along the jungle trail were spectacular this year.
I started with three roots of each sort of heliconia and had
the gardener just spread them randomly around the property.

We have a lot of coconut trees so I had the staff
weave the leaves together as a backdrop for the flowers and added decoration. They loved learning
this new skill.

The whole deck is tied together with strong nylon. Even the handles on
the cupboard doors are bamboo.

This is the view from the bar.

This is my new lounging area. It has a great view of the forest and the full moon at night.

This is a silver, shell-shaped basin which was stuck inside a cabinet
never getting any use; its base was curved and it would not sit flat.
I repurposed it as a washbasin for a crock water dispenser.

My lounge at night with mosquito net, it is, after all, a jungle out there.

On this amazing day, there was a gentle rain shower which gave us a
rainbow, then it stayed as the sunset, while the full moon was rising
behind a distant tree! Mind-boggling.

Another amazing sunset.
A little area to make coffee when I pull out the burner

Full moon from bamboo deck